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Welcome to This Base For Rent!

My blog’s title was inspired from a failed marketing venture in May, 2004, between Major League Baseball and Columbia Pictures. The idea was to have the logo for the upcoming movie Spiderman 2 placed on first, second and third bases during interleague play between June 11 and June 13, 2004. Thankfully, this awful concept never reached base. It was a horrible idea…. almost as bad as New Coke!

My goal for this blog is to write about my thoughts and opinions regarding the many facets of our National Pastime.  It is a work in progress!

I did not want a team logo on my page even though I am a little partial toward my hometown squad, the Washington Nationals. I try to watch all the teams thanks to MLB Extra Innings, a truly great invention. It’s neat to watch teams from different parts of the country from my living room. I have XM and listen to MLB Play by Play when I can. It’s cool to listen to Jon Miller again, he’s one of the best play-by-play men period. I try to read as many newspaper websites from major league cities as I can. I have a couple of fantasy teams which drive me nuts on a regular basis.

I know it might be against MLBlogs law to talk about other sports but I will do it and face the consequences. I live in suburban Washington, DC, and this week we said goodbye to Washington Nationals coverage and hello to the non-stop love fest of the Washington Redskins.

I’d like to know how the baseball-football coverage pans out in other parts of the country at this time of year.

Kudos to “Trader Jim” Bowden. He had the league’s hottest deadline commodity (Alfonso Soriano) and did not sell him for pennies on the dollar. There are four options I think Bowden had in front of him:

A) Trade Soriano and receive some great prospects in return. Problem was no team took the bait.  Soriano is among the league’s top players and is on pace for 49 HR and 40 SB. It would have cost a team a couple of quality prospects to get him.  I like that teams rumored to be in the hunt for Soriano didn’t offer the farm to get him.  Nice show of patience especially by Anaheim and Detroit.

B) Trade Soriano for a team’s average or below average prospects would have set the franchise back to…April, 2005. This was the least popular and least likely of the scenarios. Soriano saved a lot of face after his rough start as a National. Remember, the not playing left field deal? Now, he has adjusted to the outfield, the fans love him, his teammates went to management and made it clear they wanted him to stay. And why shouldn’t they?  Without Soriano, I don’t even want to think about it.  I just wish he would slide into a base every now and then.

C) Keep him and sign him to a long-term deal.  Might not happen. The Nationals need some work (especially with their pitching staff) and might not be a playoff contending team until later in the decade. Also, Soriano’s asking price will be quite high (and well it should be considering his season).  Could the Nationals afford to sign him and still build their franchise? Can Soriano, who turns 31 next January, afford another season or two with a non-contending franchise? Soriano has stated he wants a no-trade clause in his contact, a condition team president Stan Kasten has been against since his tenure with the Atlanta Braves. It would seem to be in the Nationals’ best interest to try and resign him before he hits the open market-duh!

D) Keep him for the remainder of this season and lose him in the off-season via free agency. The Nationals would still get compensatory draft picks, including a first-round pick, and could continue the reconstruction of their minor league system. It’s common knowledge the Nationals’ minor league system isn’t on par with the Tigers, Diamondbacks and Angels right now.

It looks like Soriano will stay in a Washington uniform for the remainder of the season.  In the end, the only logical choice was to keep him if the offers weren’t up to the organization’s standards. Only time will tell how this plays out.

DHL Hometown Heroes is giving fans a chance to vote for their favorite all-time hometown player.  That’s cool. It would have been better if arguably Washington’s greatest baseball player in history were on the ballot as well.  I’ve been writing in Walter Johnson each time I visit the site. He should be somewhere on this ballot. If they have room for Cobb, Ruth, Mays, and Killebrew, Johnson should be on there as well.

That is it for now.  I hope to post again tomorrow! Keep in mind; this is a work in progress!



  1. daniel

    ..welcome to mlblogs!

    very good post on soriano..he is a great player..and if he goes away via free agency, u will get some good picks…my team will get a few picks also because of free agency…the giants are terrible right now…


    Welcome to The Show! Looking forward to your posts and we added you to the Rookies listings on the homepage. No laws against blogging about other sports here! We’re all sports fans…


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