August 9 Rant

I have little in the tank today!  I’m bummed out about Liriano. I’m amazed at the short-term memory of the people who decided on the Comeback Player of the Year nominees.

I like the Happy Birthday mentions on the scoreboard during a game. It’s a nice touch and the kids get a kick out of it.  Jimmy Smith is 11. Katie Jones is 10.  Do we really need to see Happy Birthday wishes to a 45 year old?  There really needs to be age limit on this. After 21, it doesn’t look good to have your name on the scoreboard. Honestly, birthdays stop mattering after 21 with the exception of 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70. And who really wants those birthdays out there?  I would make the exception that anyone 80 and older gets their name on the scoreboard. If they can make it to a game at that age, and on their birthday, more power to them. I have no career in baseball marketing or promotions.

Note for the adults: Please stop bringing gloves to the games!  I know people have written about this topic through the years. Leave the gloves to the kids!

It doesn’t look right.

Trust me, I thought about the above post at length. Initially, I gave them a free pass (as posted earlier) but I thought about it a little more this evening. The more I think, the more I can’t cut any slack. Sorry, that’s my final answer! I know I’m offending a good part of the demographic here, especially parents.  Not as much as I offended myself for editing and reposting this several times. Unacceptable! However, I’ve had weird computer issues all day.

While I’m ranting, stop doing the wave! This isn’t 1984!

As I was leaving RFK Stadium Tuesday and heading toward the Metro, there was a huge billboard promoting the Nationals and the DC United soccer team. The Nationals side of the poster had Livan Hernandez on it. It reminded me of that time five years ago when I would go into my neighborhood grocery store and still see Dale Earnhardt’s picture on the side of a snack food display a couple months after he died.  The bottom line is that if someone is not associated with a team or product anymore because of trade or death, it might be a good time to adjust that particular billboard or sign.

At RFK, they played Sweet Caroline in the bottom of the seventh inning.  Minutes later, the Red Sox called and wanted their tradition back. It doesn’t matter what inning they played the song, the Nationals should come up with their own song. Please let me know if I’m incorrect about the Sweet Caroline tradition. I thought it was only a Red Sox thing. Later in the game, the jerk store called and wanted me back. I am their best customer.

Worst quote I heard at RFK:

“It must be Sunday because it’s time for Church (a reference to Ryan Church, who had just him a home run),” said by the guy behind me.   

I felt I did by part by letting out an audible groan!

I’ll write about stuff that people care about sometime this week!



  1. Thomas

    What’s your big deal with people bringing gloves? It’s a baseball game, you go there to have fun. If you bringing a glove to the game will make the game fun for you… then what’s the problem with that?

    I’ve been to dozens of Astros games and I’ve yet to bring my glove, I just don’t see the problem with it.

  2. Matt


    I liked your initial, unfiltered comment about men with gloves so much better!

    I was going to cite it later today, in my own post, which will be generally supportive of your position.

    Is that still OK? Or is the original no longer “operative”?


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