Awesome Anibal

It’s just fantastic to watch the end of a no-hitter. The excitement, the finality (if that’s even a word), and the celebration. Major League Baseball fans were treated to such a display Wednesday night when Anibal Sanchez became the fourth Florida Marlin to throw a no-hitter in a 2-0 victory over the Diamondbacks.
All of the sports shows and morning papers will give the details: rookie, making his 13rd start, struck out six and walked four. They will tell of Willingham’s defensive play in left to save the no-hitter. One will read about second baseman Dan Uggla’s heads up play in the eighth innings to throw to first baseman Mike Jacobs to start the 4-3-6 inning-ending double play. Of course, one will read about ending the longest no-hitter drought in 72 years and the first since Randy Johnson’s perfect game almost 2 1/2 years ago. I won’t waste explaining these facts.
I was impressed with Sanchez’ will and ability to make great pitches under so much pressure. Time and time again, it’s one bad pitch that ends a no-hitter. Sanchez held firm and got through the nerves and that is awesome!
I was hopping up and down a little bit when Sanchez got the final out. Awesome moment to watch!


One comment

  1. Matt

    Yeah, that was fun!

    I was amazed at, and entertained by, how quickly he worked late in the game. Not sure if it was nerves or not, but was glad to see the catcher and manager let him do his thing, instead of telling him to slow down (ie “how to pitch.”).

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