Liriano, Padres, Subway Series

That collective gasp yesterday afternoon was either the Minnesota Twins faithful or the many fantasy owners who were banking on Liriano to pitch the rest of the season. I had Liriano in my main league, he’s a reason why I’m in the playoffs. It stinks but life goes on.  I hope he fully recovers by next season. Still, what a great run he had this year.  He might lay off the slider for a little while!

In Thursday’s game against Cincinnati, Aaron Harang threw something like 55 pitches in 6 innings. Wow! Harang had a four-pitch first inning and a six-pitch five inning I believe. I truly hate it when teams don’t work counts and go first pitch swinging. Didn’t GNR sing a little something about patience? 
I’ll gave the Padres their due-great way to crack Harang in the seventh with the four spot and chase him from the game. San Diego’s pitching has been clutch especially the bullpen-Cla Meredith is worth noting. Trevor Hoffman notched his 38th save in 42 opportunities and should be the all-time saves leader before it’s all done. Clay Hensley deserves credit for keeping the Padres in it with a strong pitching performance and a career-high 7 K’s. Huge West Coast series this weekend between the Padres and Dodgers. Does anyone outside of California care?

I must have been dreaming but I heard Fox was going to air baseball this weekend……oh wait, it’s the Yankees and Red Sox. Their coverage is a predictable as a Hulk Hogan match! Like the Fox people care, I know, but it’s good to see it in print!

How come you never hear anyone talking about their Japanese Fantasy Baseball Team?

Almost two weeks left in the baseball season, and there’s about a million articles on the MVP races but none on the Cy Young or Rookie of the Year!  Hmmmmm!  Both NL Cy Young and Rookie of the Year races are intriguing. Matt Cain is coming on strong and should definitely get some votes!  I don’t see how Verlander can’t be the AL Rookie of the Year. Yes, he was awful against Texas but at least he’s contributed over the past couple of weeks. AL Cy Young, do you have to ask?

Half of the MLB bloggers must be in heaven at the thought of another Subway Series! I’m getting sentimental about an all-New York series. 

Alfonso Soriano just swung at another 3-0 pitch….and tried to steal his 40th base again.  Almost two weeks left in his Nationals career. 

I’m glad to see people hopping on the Walter Johnson/Hometown Heroes bandwagon. I had written him in as a Washington player without thinking that they were going by team not city.  Still, I’m happy to see people giving the Big Train his props on this the 60th year of his death!

I feel better. I’ll try to throw some AL MVP thoughts together soon.


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