Sunday Morning Comedown

Happy Sunday!

Here in the DC area, the talk is about the Skins/Cowboys game tonight which stinks for me because I was hoping to watch the last game of the RIP Boston 2006 weekend. 

I can’t get over Melky Cabrera as a No. 9 hitter. Still amid all the Jeter MVP talk and their juggernaut lineup, Melky Cabrera has done an impressive job of playing himself into a starting role for the Bombers. Matsui as a No. 8 hitter just floors me.  When Sheff comes back, they’re going to have the most expensive pinch-hitter ever. The Yanks might end up having one DH for five innings and then having another DH for four innings, I don’t know. Good problem to have if you’re the Yanks. And people wonder why Soriano won’t end up with the Yanks.

Speaking of the Yanks/Sox, while I might be the least qualified person to talk about these teams, why do their games always go 3 ½ hours or longer? I know it’s an intense rivalry but is there really that much strategy?

Congrats to Soriano on becoming the 4th major leaguer to reach the 40/40 plateau. Maybe he can stop pressing so much at the plate and on base. He’s already headed for a huge payday regardless where he ends up.

I don’t understand the St. Louis Cardinals. Lately it seems when they face a No. 1 starter (Brandon Webb or Roy Oswalt), the Cardinals offense falls flat.  When the Cards face a back-end starter, their offense comes alive. I don’t know what to make of the Cards in the playoffs yet! I fear they are going to become the new Braves, the perennial playoff team. Man, I hope I’m soooo wrong!

Could the NL Rookie of the Year just go to the Marlins? Not Uggla or Johnson, just the Marlins?

Entertaining the idea of going to the Nats/Brew Crew finale today. Tickets won’t be hard to come by at all especially when the $45, 50 and $100 seats are still available. I always do walkup for games that aren’t sold out. Why pay those charges and fees when you can just go to the ticket office, save on the fees, and pay face value? I know I’m explaining something everyone already knows but I just had to get it out there.

That’s it for now!



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