Meet the Mets, See the Mets in the Playoffs

Congrats to the New York Mets for winning the National League East Division title! 

Those sly Mets, their plan worked perfectly to clinch at home (wink, wink)!  The sweep in Pittsburgh, it was all part of the plan, bwahaha! I would like to quote Maj. Hannibal Smith from “The A-Team” (aka the late George Peppard) who said it so perfectly “I love it when a plan comes together.”

All kidding aside, I like this time of year in baseball especially when the celebrations begin for clinching division titles and wild cards. It’s great to see that kind of euphoria. I watched the top of the ninth and to see the Mets fans and players rejoice is a great thing to witness….it’s even better in person I would assume. The champagne celebrations, the sentimental feel good stories for players who will play in their first postseason (Carlos Delgado).

The Mets have been the class of the NL for months now so in retrospect tonight shouldn’t be total shock. Still, it’s great to see. Why do I get the feeling the next team to clinch will also come from New York?

One playoff spot clinched, seven to go!


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