Quick Tuesday blurb

Somebody forgot to tell the Cardinals that they haven’t clinched the NL Central yet. I can’t get a handle on the Cards at all with the exception of Albert Pujols.  St. Louis fans must be frustrated at the inconsistency.

Random thought: Can they give the NL Cy Young Award to no one?  I’ve read the posts and they all make great points one way or another. But does one really stand out? I can’t say for sure.

Oakland fans should be a little concerned. I know the A’s are five up with six to go but last night’s collapse doesn’t help things.  The A’s need to slam the door tonight and tomorrow night…..no questions asked.  I know, I said the same thing two days ago but I’ll keep saying it. Anaheim can be big trap if the A’s don’t get it together. 

Justin Morneau hit his 34th home run of the season last night to clinch the Twins’ playoff berth.  After Morneau hit the home run, I think I saw a  picture of  No.34, the late Kirby Puckett, come across the screen.  You know he’s looking down and smiling watching all of this.  Minnesota is 76-39 since May 19. 

Just how good is the Padres bullpen?  In the first game of a huge three-game series at St. Louis, the Padres rested all-time saves leader Trevor Hoffman for Scott Linebrink. Hoffman had pitched in six of the team’s last eight games.  When I first saw Linebrink pitching the ninth, I was a little surprised. It’s the first of a key three-game road series so why wouldn’t you throw your best closer to get the first game of the set? Still, Linebrink allowed a single and a walk but struck out the side including Scott Rolen to end the game and a 6-5 victory.  Cla Meredith, Linebrink, and Alan Embree have been great for the Pads bullpen, which is second in the NL in ERA!


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