Day 2 of the playoffs

Just some random thoughts and stuff today

1) Could I hear about the Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux angle one more time? Yes, I know they’re the veteran pitchers on playoff teams who used to pitch for the Braves. Yes, this might be their last run at another World Series. What baseball fan doesn’t know this?  Let me guess, they’ll both be Hall-of-Famers one day, too.  Chicks dig the veteran pitchers! While I’m at it, l still can’t believe how many more former Red Sox players I found out are in the playoffs.  It’s like one out of three or something I swear!

2) The Yankees finally found someone they can’t beat…..Mother Nature.  That’s probably the only Yankee comment I’ll make for the entire playoffs. When there’s 15-20 other bloggers on mlb doing the same thing for the Yanks, one non-Yankee blogger doesn’t fit in. Speaking of my team of choice

3) San Diego. Geez, Bochy is getting lit up for the Bellhorn at-bat as well as keeping Termel Sledge off the playoff roster. Bochy needs his Padres to even up the series or the heat is just going to get worse.  San Diego has lost seven straight playoff games to the Cardinals. Heck, the Padres should just try to win its first playoff game of the 21st century.  The more I think about it, the more that Piazza missed foul pop-up looms large. Still, the Padres offense not coming through with runners on base didn’t help either.

4) Minnesota is sure kicking themselves now for not going after Frank Thomas a little harder, eh, during the winter!  Has anyone seen how bad the Twins’ dh’s have done this year? I think it’s like .260 with 8 HR, 50 RBI or something.  Oakland has had a little problem with the knockout punch not winning a series since the 1990 ALCS I think!  Who would have predicted that the A’s would take the first two at the Baggydome and come to Oakland up 2-0.


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