Early Sunday Comment

The Detroit Tigers celebration might have been one of the most enjoyable I’ve seen in a long time.  I can’t recall a time when the players came out and celebrated with the crowd in such a manner.  Sean Casey spraying the champagne into the crowd had me smiling and laughing. Kenny Rogers pouring the champagne on the officer worried me for a second but I’m glad the man in blue took it in stride.  This is one of the many reasons I love watching baseball in October. The emotion, the happiness and the joy of such an accomplishment is awesome. Kudos to the Tigers.

Bad Joke of the Day: Detroit and Oakland meet for the first time in the playoffs since the 72 ALCS.  To honor the occasion, Lerrin LeGrow will throw out the first pitch and Bert Campaneris will throw out the first bat!

Quick Nationals note:  I don’t think Piniella or Girardi will get the job. My pick would be Tony Pena, who cut his managerial teeth in Kansas City so you know he has patience with young talent and can work with a team that has limited resources. Heck, he guided the Royals to a winning record three years ago.  I think his Yankees gig is over and he will come back into the coaching ranks.  I just get the feeling Girardi is going to end up with the Cubs.  I know PIniella is friends with Jim Bowden. Who isn’t? I don’t think Nats job is an attractive one for Piniella. The Nationals shouldn’t be in contending until 09. I think Piniella would be better suited for a team that has a chance to win in 07 or even 08.  That’s just my two cents.   

I’ll be ready for Game 4 tonight. I thought is was on but it’ll be on Fox (I just found this out a short time ago).  The Padres offense needs to come alive tonight. I like Adrian Gonzalez in the five hole but they need a better No. 2 hitter tonight even at the risk of weakening the lower half of the lineup.  If St. Louis loses tonight, the second guessing of La Russa using Carpenter will be intense. We’ll see. 


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