Game 2 notes

Fox Sports: We Report, You Decide!

Gotta love the St. Louis anno-I mean, the Fox announcers last night when they discovered Kenny Rogers’ secret recipe on his pitching hand.  Heck, one would’ve thought Joe Buck and Tim McCarver unearthed Watergate II.

Even better was Rogers still came through with this third outstanding performance of the playoffs.  The tally is now at 23 scoreless innings of work in the postseason.

One thing overlooked last night was how brilliantly Rogers fielded his position.  This shouldn’t be a surprise from a multiple-time gold glove winner but it makes a difference having a pitcher with such fielding talents.  There was the Miles liner along with I believe 3 assists.

Times for the first two games have been 2 hours, 55 minutes and 2 hours, 54 minutes. Which means instead of the same 3 commericials 30 times, we’re getting the same 3 commericials 25 times.  Sunday’s game would’ve hit the 2:30 mark if Tony LaRussa didn’t go through his entire bullpen.

Switching gears, the Washington Nationals retained pitching coach Randy St. Claire even though the club hasn’t selected a manager yet.  This could only create an awkward situation if a new manager is hired and wants his own staff.  Cliché time-Cart Before the Horse? 

I’m glad we’re not looking at a series sweep this year.

Last night, ABC aired Desperate Housewives against the World Series.  This meant couples everywhere had to battle over who got the main television. Thankfully in an age of TIVOs and DVRs, this doesn’t have to have a devastating consequence.  The World Series is a once a year event, the Housewives rerun will air soon enough. The World Series never repeats.  Wednesday, Lost will air an original episode against Game 4 of the World Series. My wife isn’t backing down from having the one TV in the house be tuned into Lost. She was cool with recording Desparate knowing she must watch it while I’m not home.  I’m already searching for options for Wednesday. I can’t record the World Series, I need to see it live, even if it means going to my gym for an hour. Yikes!  Most other shows are in repeat status this week.  Thanks, ABC! 

I like Lost, it’s a good show.  Desparate…no thanks!  And there are a lot of other great shows out there and there’s a slew of people who don’t watch baseball. I get it. ABC has no interest in the World Series, too, and I understand them wanting to run some of their more popular shows. This week, though, it’s the last slate of baseball games for the season and I want to watch them in peace. Next week when November sweeps begins,  my wife can control the television for the next 5-plus months.

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