Friday Comment

I can’t believe it’s already been two years since the Red Sox ended their 86-year world championship drought.  I have a handful of baseball moments in which I can remember where I was something big happened. 2004 Game 4 was one of those times.  I’m not a Red Sox fan but I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.  Then a year later, the White Sox ended their equally long stretch w/o a title. Two great teams, two great championships.

Could the Moneyball way of thinking be headed to San Diego? Moneyball, bowling ball, gutter ball, the Padres have to strengthen their offense in the offseason.

From what I’ve read, Manny Acta had a good interview with the Nationals earlier this week. He is familiar with some of the players on the Nationals from his days in Montreal where he served three seasons as a coach.  But does his Montreal experience hold any weight here?  The team moved, new ownership took over and almost all of the players from his time are gone.  If he does get hired, he’ll be coming into an new organization. One factor could be if guys like Brian Schnieder and Jose Vidro speak up for their former coach in this process. Acta has interviewed for a couple MLB coaching jobs and does bring minor league and Dominican Winter League managerial experience. Spending two years under Willie Randolph as third base and infield coach should help Acta in any interview he has this offseason. 
Acta, who turns 38 next fall, worked with pitching coach Randy St. Claire in Montreal. St. Claire was retained by the Nationals earlier this month. A move like that could help a rookie manager like Acta, who might not be likely to bring with him an entire coaching staff.
I’m thinking the decision will come to Acta and Tony Pena. While I still stand by my Pena choice, Acta is a very worth candidate for the job.   

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