Time for some Acta

Manny Acta has withdrawn his name from the A’s job. I really hope that doesn’t come back to bite him especially with "Unpredictable Jim" Bowden.
Acta seems to be the new Nationals skipper which could be announced next week. I’ll say this, Acta has definitely earned the shot to manage an MLB ballclub.  He’s young, eager and won’t be confrontational with management.  Although, I have to wonder if St. Claire was kept around in case Acta was hired. When this is all done, I want to know if they had any mystery candidates at all. Screech? Rumsfeld? Anthony Williams? Who knows.

When I read the Nationals had signed 21 players to minor league deals, I wondered if they were going to trade all 21 players for one superstar? Something straight out of fantasy baseball! I know the Nats won’t be big players in this off-season unless big is signing every seldom heard free agent big leaguer to a minor league deal. If that’s the case, they made a huge splash!

Next week should be a lively baseball week.  I believe numbers start being discussed between free agents and prospective teams.  Finally, the MLB awards will be handed out. Can’t they give these awards a little earlier? Waiting for November, it’s like the enthusiasm has been pulled out of me.   Isn’t Monday the Rookies of the Year?  How about an Awards Night like they have for the NHL?  Here’s how I hope/think/feel the awards will go
AL Rookie of the Year: Justin Verlander
NL Rookie of the Year: Ryan Zimmerman (have a theory going on this. Will explain after the announcement).
AL Manager of the Year:  Do you have to ask? Just assume Leyland
NL Manager of the Year: Willie Randolph (No Manger of the year has won with a losing record)
AL Cy Young: Johan Santana
NL Cy Young: NO ONE!!!! (I’m sorry, I can’t get behind any of the candidates. Yes, I know about Webb, Oswalt, Zambramo, Carpenter, Hoffman and Wagner. I know their stats, ERA and K’s). I have a bad feeling who is going to win. I don’t think the voters will get this right. Will share when it’s announced!
AL MVP: Derek Jeter
NL MVP : Ryan Howard (Spare me the Pujols argument. I know his stats too but I’m not changing my pick)

The Silicon Valley A’s, the Fremont A’s. The thought makes me want to hang up head in shame.  Billy Beane’s next manager should just be a robot, it’ll make things a lot easier.  A Stepford manager that can be programmed to do whatever Beane and his geniuses put into the robot.  The robot can shock a player if the player gets out of a line or argues with the decision.


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