Les Nessman and the Flying Turkeys

Jimmy Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Happy Turkey Day and the official start of the holiday shopping season. I’ll be an mlb.com mark and link up to some fine gift ideas.

I was thinking about the baseball things I was thankful for in 2006. Here’s some of my list. Please feel free to add your own comments to the mix.

1)      The Detroit Tigers. The American League champions took the baseball world by storm and re-energized the Motown faithful and Tigers fans nationwide.

2)      Tony La Russa winning a World Series in an unLaRussa-like way. La Russa’s teams have been favorites going into all of his past WS (except for maybe 2004-The Red Sox had the momentum -another story, another time). I was impressed how La Russa’s squad won this WS despite 83 wins, it’s not what I expected from Mr. 3 Nights in August. Even the A’s fans who were bitter about 1988 and 1990 have to give La Russa credit on this one.

3)      The Washington Nationals have owners, real owners and not Major League Baseball. Sure, Soriano is gone and next season’s outlook doesn’t exactly include the postseason, but for me, it’s great to have a hometown team with local ownership. I was there during renovation weekend after the All-Star Break.  There were real food options, the RFK Stadium interior was powerwashed. It almost resembled a real baseball stadium. All joking aside, the Nationals finally having owners was a huge relief for all of us paranoid fans.  It seems like yesterday that Nationals fans were being told the ownership announcement was coming, and coming…..almost there.  Just a little more and announcement.

4)      Anibal Sanchez’ no-hitter. I slowed down my DVR on the final out and Eric Byrnes was out by a half step.  Enjoyable game to watch, the highlight of the Marlins season.

5)      Close voting in the postseason awards.  With the exception of the AL Cy Young and AL Manager of the Year, the remaining races were up in the air. While I don’t like these awards being awarded so close to Thanksgiving, it’s good to see the lively debates throughout the blogworld about the selections.

6)      Ryan Howard.  Great season, good guy. I was pleased to see him selected as the MVP. Cardinals fans can take some comfort in being world champions.

7)      My fantasy team, Devastation Inc, winning two of my three fantasy leagues. In my main league, I won with a starting rotation of Brett Myers, Estaban Loaiza, Chris Young, Anibal Sanchez and Randy Johnson. Myers and Young had their best games on the year in the final week.  Young’s near perfect game came during championship week. Offensively, you can’t go wrong with an outfield or Soriano, Jermaine Dye and Matt Holliday and an infield that has Delgado, Roberts, Jeter and ARod. Good times, good times. 


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