Deacon Blues

I bought an XM Inno Friday. I haven’t put it down much so I decided to name this column based on the song that came on when it was time to write the title. I hope I don’t have to pay any royalties to Steely Dan for naming this Deacon Blues.  My two favorite lines from the song:

A) I’ll make it this time, I’m ready to cross that fine line

B) I rise when the sun goes down, cover every game in town. A world of my own, I’ll make it my home sweet home

Saturday morning, I decided to drive into Washington to find the new Nationals team store. Traffic was light and I had no trouble finding parking downtown. After a short walk, I found the store.

So imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw a store that was about the size of my 2nd bedroom. And I live in a 975 square foot condo. 

The selection was disappointing but it had the basics-hats, shirts, jackets, jerseys.  I was expecting some more options. There was a nice Nationals t-shirt that went for $43. Ouch! I ended up buying a red Nationals shirt with the logo and year established (1905) for $20.  Still, it’s good to see there’s a Nationals store outside of RFK Stadium. The prices on and the local sporting goods stores are comparable, if not slightly cheaper than what I saw!  I should not be surprised, team merchandise isn’t cheap. Thankfully, Xmas is near so I can let my loved ones buy my much-needed gifts.

Zechry Zinicola.  Keep that name tucked away. Don’t be surprised if he’s on the Nationals 2007 Opening Day Roster. The right-handed reliever went 4-1 with 12 saves and a 1.65 ERA combined with Harrisburg, Potomac and Vermont. All he needs if a horrible nickname like Coca or ZZ Top!

Zinicola was named the Nationals Minor League Pitcher of the Year despite being a sixth-round selection in the June draft…as in the 2006 draft. During his short season, he was promoted twice and ended the season in AA Harrisburg. Only in the Nationals organization can someone who started in June become Minor League Pitcher of the Year. Unless he has an awful spring training, he’ll probably be in a Nats uniform on



Of course to Nationals fans/bloggers wiser than me, Zinicola’s rise is hardly breaking news.  If I am going to blog about the team and its players more, I might as well learn and write about everyone in the organization. I have a couple months to smooth out the rough edges.

He’s interested in coming back to the Nationals. Makes sense now that Frank isn’t here. He meets the following characteristics

-Major League Pitcher

-Has a pulse

-Has won big league games

-He’s available

-Has a pulse

-Nationals are a little short in the starting pitching department. And by a little, I mean a lot.

Ladson’s latest mailbag had four Soriano questions and two Church questions for a grand total of six questions about two players who won’t play left field for the Nationals in 2007.


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