Big Apple, little trades

I’m still recovering from my weekend in New York City. My wife and I visited an old college friend of hers.  Great time. Some highlights

a)       Staten Island Ferry.  There is such a thing as a free ride. We took the ferry to and fro Manhattan as the sun went down. Great stuff. I’d never the Statue of Liberty before in person. Fantastic view of the city at night

b)       Little Italy. We had some great Italian food and saw Joe Piscopo (or so I think) during our travels.

c)       Central Park. Neat place. We walked throughout CPK after the NBC tour Saturday morning. It’s weird to think of such a quiet place in such a bustling city.

d)       Times Square on a Saturday night. We caught Joe Rogan’s show at Caroline’s (he brought his A-game) and walked around TS afterwards. The lights, the people, it was quite an experience.

e)       Walking the Brooklyn Bridge. The weather was a little chilly and windy but to walk above the roadway and the river especially on such a historic bridge was quite an experience.

I know I sound like a tourist but I can’t help it.  Now on the Nationals stuff

– The Nationals have a new motto for 2007.  Check the Nats website

I pledge allegiance to a 60-65 win season

For the 2007 Washington Nationals

And without making a dent

On the free agent market

We’ll struggle mightly

Until management gets wise to the game

-I’m not sold on Kory Casto as a full-time outfielder. He’s batting less than .200 against lefties in AA ball and Arizona Fall League. And the Nationals think he has a legit shot for the 2007 Opening Day roster. He’s not a supreme offensive talent, 20 HR, 80 plus RBI and 80 plus runs scored along with a .372 OBP last year isn’t bad but the 104 K have to subside. I smell a challenge for Mitchell Page. The Nationals need to let him start in AAA Columbus. I know the options are bare but sending someone that isn’t hitting the Mendoza line vs lefties isn’t the wise thing. Let him start in AAA Columbus. Make peace with Ryan Church if all other options fail.

-Jose Guillen signs for Seattle, the Nationals receive another sandwich compensation pick in next year’s draft. Two more sandwich picks and they’ll get a free sub (or a free Rule V pick).

-I read the Nationals might be a conduit at this week’s winter meetings for some possible blockbuster trades. Blockbuster trades and Nationals in the same sentence, that’s funny. I don’t see it happening. When a franchise is considered a conduit and not a major player, that says “small-time.”

-I love reading all the blog sites, mlb and otherwise, about possible trades.  It seems Chad Cordero is being mentioned and his face has been taken off the Nationals site (I don’t believe for one second that’s an indicator of a possible trade). I don’t really believe Noah Lowry would be traded for Cordero. The Giants are the oldest team in the NL and need all the young talent they can keep, especially starting pitching.  They could likely find a more successful closer through other avenues. I don’t see the Giants making this deal, chalk it up to another rumor.

Side note: I don’t see Cordero as a successful AL closer, he doesn’t have a enough good pitches in his arsenal. The NL is a league where changing speeds and control can result in a 30-save season. I think the AL is a league where you need either high heat, one devastating pitch (Mariano Rivera cutter) and/or a 3 or 4 pitch repertoire to be successful. Keep Cordero in a Nationals uniform.

While it may seem I’m a little harsh on my hometown team, I’m just trying to be honest. If someone asks me how I think the Nationals will do next year, I’ll say terrible. The weaknesses are apparent and the chances for upgrading are slim right now. I’ll still root for them and attend the games. I plan to go to Opening Day on


and if they lose a lot so be it. I’m setting my expectations low.


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