Come on Down!

This week is moving slow. 

The Vidro trade is a done deal.  Congrats to Jimbo for unloading most of Vidro’s contract. Nice, Nice, very nice! 

The Nationals signed two lower-tier free agents this week-pitchers Jason Simontacchi and Ray King. I like the Atlanta of the North theme the Nationals have going on here. King, a former Braves reliever, joins Kasten, Pat Corrales, maybe Don Sutton as well.

I can’t get into the statistical breakdown of the off-season acquisitions, situational hitting and pitching and stuff. These guys might work, they might not.  Chris Snelling might pan out if he’s stay healthy. I know he was a highly touted M’s prospect at one time.  King seems headed for the left-handed spot reliever role in the bullpen should he make the squad.

I’ve enjoyed the Manny Acta homecoming articles in the Post and  Thought I should mention that. Good to see his countrymen (and women) celebrating his success.

Remember on “The Price Is Right” the Cliffhanger Game. It’s the one where a contestant has to guess the correct price on 3 items to win a new car/vacation/boat/furniture. If they’re wrong, the little mountain guy moves from one price to the next until he falls off the cliff. I thought the last number before falling was 25 or 36.  What’s the point of all of this? I think the Nationals just might be able to get their payroll that low for the 2007 season. I’ve heard less than $40 million.  It’s just like the limbo…how low can you go!


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