Fickle, Fickle, Fickle

Guess who’s back, back again

Fick is back tell a friend

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back

I don’t which of these following items makes me laugh more:

a) Fick was an All-Star in 2002 (it was for the Tigers)

b) Reading the stories, he thinks he could be an option at first base if Nick Johnson doesn’t come back in time. What about Come Along and Listen to the Lullaby of

Larry Broadway, who seems like is an Acta favorite and who should be given every opportunity to play first base if Tricky Nick isn’t back in time? I expect to see Fick at first, at times, but not a a lot.

c) The Nats were 11-7 when he was behind the plate last year for the Nats. Screw sabremetrics! There’s your stat right there

d) He actually mentioned the left field vacancy. Geez, who isn’t being considered for that opening. Donald Rumsfield could be considered and it wouldn’t surprise me.

e) He had the chance to leave Washington. So did I after college! And I didn’t take that chance either!

Seriously, Fick comes cheap ($850M if he makes the Opening Day Roster). He provides a left-handed bat off the bench, which is where I expect to him to start most games. He does bring versatility playing first, catcher and the corner outfield positions.

(Cue the theme music from the 70s sitcom Soap) Will he get his targeted 300 at-bats? Will Broadway once again get denied a chance to play with the big boys again?

Fruto Loops is pitching well in the Venezuelan winter ball. Um, okay! Positive sign. Pitching for the Cardenales de Lara, the right-hander is 2-1 with five saves and a 2.61 ERA over 19 appearances. He has struck out 26 over 20 2/3 innings and has not yielded a hit over his last six outings. Save something for the states.

Random Thoughts:

On the first day of Xmas, my Nationals gave to me: One reliable anchor of the bullpen

On the second day of Xmas, my Nationals gave to me: Two sandwich picks in the 2007 draft.

On the second day of April 2007, my Nationals gave to me: An Opening Day that I can finally attend. Even better-they’re playing on my birthday this year! Maybe I’ll ask that my birthday be posted on the scoreboard! 34 well that’s not too good!

Less than two months until pitchers and catchers report. If I can only make it through January.

On August 31, September 1 and September 2, 2007, I will be bypassing my end of summer vacation to attend a certain 3-game set at RFK Stadium. I hear a money making possibility could be going on at the stadium. Yes, it’s Amway Hat Day! If you don’t get what I’m talking about, look at the Nationals schedule. Think No. 25, media scrutiny. It’s not illegal to dream! Knowing the Nationals luck, he’ll tie the record before the Nationals series and sit out with a muscle spasms or something.  Honestly, he’ll probably break it beforehand but I might have to get three tickets to the series just in case!


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