New Washington Stadium to replace seats with recliners

Could falling asleep at the game be en vogue by 2008?

A source has informed This Base for Rent that the new Washington stadium slated to open in April, 2008, will have recliners instead of regular stadium seats.

An employee of the ACME Recliners and Stuff disclosed the information Wednesday.

“I’ll get fired for leaking this information but it’s such a great concept,’’ said the employee. “People can come and relax on a recliner instead of a stadium seat that is hard on the tushy.”

The recliners will come in two colors-red and blue with a lever on the right side to extend the leg-rest out to kick back and enjoy the Washington baseball experience. The fabric will be whatever most recliners use and have course stain-resistant. Leather was discussed but quickly dismissed as sitting outside on a leather recliner during a hot summer day or night game will likely result in a decrease in customer satisfaction. Each recliner will have cup holders and trays.

If the recliner information is true, the seating capacity at the stadium will decrease from 41,000 to 30,000, as the recliners will take up a more space than regular stadium seats.

“It’s all about making our fans feel comfortable,’’ said a Washington official. “Extra legroom, and cup holders are great add-ons. We want to make the fan experience as enjoyable as possible in the new park. Who knows? Maybe some fans will catch a few winks if things don’t go well for the hometown fells.”

The ACME source said the company has an automatic recliner cover on the back of each recliner for rain delays. Poly-durable plastic will extend over the recliner to shield all precipitation. When asked what happens if the cover does not work and the recliners get soaking wet, the source could only say “that would not be good for business. We really didn’t think about that.” The source than asked this author for any ideas.

The placement of the recliners will be the last addition of the stadium and should start in February 2008. The installation should last 30 days (1000 recliners a day for 30 days).

One fan was optimistic

“That’s a new concept so many stadiums have been missing, “ said Jay Jocobazzi of Culpeper, Va. “My lower lumbar has been killing me for years. I said to the Mrs. ‘I’ll only go to that stadium when they put recliners in and when pigs fly. One out of two is good enough for me.”

This recliner development comes on the heels of news that the new stadium is 1/3 completed and on schedule and on budget.

ACME Recliners and Stuff reached this agreement with Washington management, as this will be a trade-in-kind agreement: Recliners for stadium naming rights. ACME Recliners and Stuff Stadium will make its debut in 2008! The estimated amount of recliners and installation is expected to total $28.5 million dollars.

Washington would not confirm how much extra this would add to future ticket prices but did confirm that it has spent as much money as it can for 2007 on the minor league system.


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