Bad E-Mail Topics and MASN

Pressbox has a story about the in-game opportunity during 2007 Nationals and Orioles games to e-mail the announcers with questions. 

The story states the following:

Selected Orioles and Nationals, players as well as managers and coaches, will wear a small microphone during games. However, the live commentary will be limited by MLB’s rules, executive producer Chris Glass said.

The manager will answer questions from the announcers once during the game, Glass said, probably around the fifth inning. And so will one player, possibly the pitcher for the next game or someone who played well the night before. The idea is to be timely without being intrusive — and enough comments gleaned from certain situations during games could make for lively and in-depth features later on.

The in-game interviews are nothing new, heck; ESPN featured them during the season. Fox had them during the playoffs I recall.  I don’t like it when these interviews take away from the game itself. Last thing I want to see is an in-game interview with a skipper while someone is hitting a live home run. That annoys me. Also annoying is obvious, bland answers to questions that if anyone is watching the game and has a pulse knows what’s going on at that moment. Sorry for the run-on sentence.

I really don’t expect a fan’s e-mail rant to hit the air. I imagine someone is screening these e-mails and determining which e-mails get read on the air. 

Example of e-mails that won’t make it

-Why did Manny Acta making that bone-headed move? He’s an idiot

-Why do the Nationals play so bad?

-Why is the RFK Stadium food so horrible?

-Why don’t the Nats spend any money on talent?

-Why doesn’t Jim Bowden trade for another former Red? Any Red?

-When did MLB starting hiring visually impaired umpires?

Example of e-mails that will make it

-How is the new stadium coming along?

-What is Chad Cordero’s pregame ritual?

-What is an area of the Nationals game that you (the announcers) think needs improvement?

-How come so-and-so stopped using the 2 strike change-up instead opting for a low and away fastball against a good fastball hitter? Alright, that might not make it.

What’s interesting is the amount of money MASN will pay the teams in rights fees for 2007 ($26 million) and 2008 ($28 million). $26 million to the Nationals in right fees. I wish that number was in the $40 million dollar range so I can let loose with the whole payroll is lower than the right fees jokes!

According to the story, the estimated 320 games MASN will carry include spring training. And there is an arrangement for the scads of occasions when the Orioles and Nationals either play at the same time or overlap. Scads? Huh?  Two East Coast teams playing at the same time? Doesn’t that happen quite often even if the two teams are on the road? Sure it won’t happen 162 times but it won’t happen once or twice either. The O’s and Nats play most of their games in the Eastern Time Zone-just a wild guess-so I can conclude that several games will overlap.

And MASN has a plus-sized answer to the problem. The story says MASN has contracted with all its cable partners to create a separate channel, MASN-Plus, when necessary. Each channel will have a crawl at the bottom of the picture telling viewers where the other game is located. Not a penny will be added to cable bills for the additional channel, MASN said. How generous considering that MASN was added to some cable networks I believe for an extra $2 a month.

One side note in the Pressbox story: Check out the misspelling of Washington Capitols unless the team’s nickname changed from als to ols. Then in that case, I’m a dolt.

Is Don Sutton joining the broadcast team or not? This story has stayed around much longer than it should have.

It’s 43 more days to the start of Spring Training and 89 days to the season opener. Can you tell I’m bored with winter? There’s not even a hint of snow in Northern Virginia.


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