Media gag order placed on all Nationals pitching free agent news except signings

Depressed Nationals fans tired of reading about lowball offer to Ohka

Washington—-The World of Baseball Media announced that is has placed a temporary gag order on all baseball news related to the Washington Nationals free agent pitcher search.

The order will not include news of free agent signings because that is somewhat relevant but does target the constant updates about which low-end pitchers the Nationals are looking to acquire but have not signed. Current Nationals pitching news is not included in this ban as well.

“Fans are tired and depressed of reading about low offers and low-end free agent possibilities. They want something to happen or not happen at all. Fans realized the Nationals offseason will not be an exciting one like the Yanks or Red Sox. But geez, this news is getting old,’’ said a World of Baseball Media spokesman. “We’re just making sure any developments in this area are actual developments.”

This announcement comes just hours after news that the Nationals have offered contracts to five pitchers ranging from minor league deals to $3 million per year. 

Two of the pitchers have no strangers to the organization. Ramon Ortiz led the Nationals with 11 wins and 190 innings pitched in 2006; however, he had a 5.57 ERA. Tony Armas, Jr, finished 9-12 with a 5.03 ERA in 154 innings pitched last season. Both pitchers haven’t been attractive to other teams during the offseason; in fact, this reporter can’t think of any offers made to these guys from other teams.

Offers were also made to Steve Trachsel, Jorge Sosa and Jerome Williams. Nationals bloggers have been consistent in their support for the team to sign Williams, a former top prospect in the Giants organization.

The Nationals look to sign one or two free-agent pitchers heading into spring training. Signing free-agent pitchers on the cheap will help the franchise in the short-term since it will not force the Nationals to call up some of their top-tier prospects ahead of schedule and keep with the end-goal of having the lowest payroll in the majors.

Currently, John Patterson seems to be the only starter with a spot in the rotation. Mike O’Connor’s offseason recovery from elbow surgery could delay his spot in the opening-day rotation. O’Connor won’t throw for another month and his timetable for spring training is undetermined.

Nationals fans have been bored to tears reading about the low-ball made to Tomo Ohka, who will likely sign elsewhere, and the courting of Ryan Franklin, whose below quote just read weird to me.

"The Nationals have shown interest, and I’m showing interest back," said Franklin to "We are not close to anything. We are just talking a little bit.”

The order is for at least 72 hours or when an actual free-agent signing has occurred then the gag order will be lifted

Other news


Broadway might be the Nationals opening day first baseman.  If so, he better do a lot better than he’s been doing in Venezuelan winter ball. So far, Broadway is batting a depressing .150 (6 for 40).

Good news has been Emilian Fruto, who is 2-1 with a 2.55 ERA and five saves in 24 2/3 innings of work.


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