That big game not involving baseball

Since the MLB news is a little slow today, I thought I would type some letters to the Super Bowl teams offering my heartfelt congratulations on making it to the big game.

Dear Indianapolis Colts,

When the Patriots took a 21-3 lead in Sunday’s AFC Title Game, I changed the channel and didn’t watch the game again. The thought (and pain) of another New England Super Bowl was too intense at the time. Honestly, I was thinking if I stopped watching that might give you guys some good karma. So the Mrs and I watched an old Heroes episode on our DVR and then she watched Desperate Housewives. I surfed the net for any baseball news and checked for the occasional updates. I noticed the game became close in the second half. Heck, I didn’t even know the final score when I went to sleep.
I noticed, Colts, when I woke up Monday morning that you had come back and won. Congrats!  I also wanted to thank you for knocking off New England. I think I speak for most of the free world in saying another Patriots Super Bowl would not have been fun. Still, the Patriots put up a great fight and easily could be going to Miami.

In closing, the Mrs and I want to send our congratulations for making it to the Super Bowl. I might even watch the whole game! I know your city and its fans are quite proud. Good Luck in Miami!


This Base for Rent

Dear Chicago Bears,

Da Bears! Da Super Bowl!

It’s fun to say isn’t it?  Congratulations on a job well done. Your team was truly the best in the NFC this year and proved it Sunday. Sure, the Bears weren’t the sentimental favorites like New Orleans but you guys still showed why the best team is representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Your offensive line was just outstanding. They didn’t give up a sack as the Bears runners averaged 4.5 yards on the ground.  You guys played smart football evident by committing just one penalty and zero turnovers.

Your defense rose to the occasion when the game got close but that’s no surprise really. The special teams played great as well.

While the Mrs and I have no vested interest in which team wins, I know your city and its fans will be pulling for you on Feb. 4.

Once again, please accept our congratulations and good luck in Miami.


This Base For Rent


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