Things I learned about the Washington Nationals this week

-Nationals majority owner Ted Lerner looks at the team’s books. According to Mark Lerner, son and principal owner, in Thursday’s Washington Post, [Ted Lerner] "checks every expense sheet, because that’s how you find out where mistakes are being made."

Who wants to a mistake in front of him? I made a huuuge mistake in front of my boss once. Worst feeling in the world. Even worse to make it in front of full-fledged Republican.  Oh yeah, Ted Lerner is not too wild about the free agents signings during the past 90 days. He thinks they’re out of control. The Plan is still in full effect!

-How much is an Alex Escobar worth? Apparently, $530,000 this year. Some PayDay. It’s $430,000 more than 100 Grand and $530K more than a Zero. All this typing makes me want a candy bar.

-Nook Logan is the everyday center fielder going into Spring Training. Call me in early March when this matters. I know there’s some statistical rationale why this might be a bad move but I’m not ready for it just yet. Speaking of Nook, I want to have a Nationals player nicknamed Cranny. There’s a PR campaign the Nationals could do: a product placement with Thomas’ English Muffins. Breakfast food and baseball go together like ginger ale and hockey!

-Skipper Manny Acta, Center fielder Nook Logan, and pitcher Michael O’Connor, who will not be part of the team’s opening day roster, did the 2007 Nationals Winter Caravan Tour around the Washington DC area. They met people, signed autographs and gave interviews. This tour seemed weird since most of the appearances this week were during daytime hours. It also got me thinking……

Why didn’t these guys go to Baltimore or even Howard or Anne Arundel County? Does Peter Angelos have a tracking device on all Nationals players? Is Howard County the border?  I would’ve loved to see an N.W.O angle (wrestling reference to the 1990s faction New World Order or could mean the Nationals World Order) where they went to Baltimore and spray-painted the DC logo in various places to start a “local” rivalry.

-Steve Traschel and Mark Redman aren’t in the mix.  Gosh darn it! All the talk of having the league’s worst rotation has me bummed out.

– Thomas Boswell invented a new word-tragicomic. Okay, I didn’t learn this from the Nationals but it’s worth mentioning. Boswell’s Friday column pretty much demands the Nationals upgrade their starting pitching situation by Opening Day. At least that’s how I perceive it.


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