Sunday Nationals home games to start 30 minutes later; fans have more time to read the sunday paper

This week, the Washington Nationals set official start times for their 2007 home games.

One noticeable difference is that Sunday afternoon games will start at

1:35 p.m

, 30 minutes later than previous seasons.

"We thought it would be worth experimenting to allow a little more time for those fans who would be coming from church," Nationals President Stan Kasten said in Saturday’s Washington Post. "We’ll see how people like it. We regard it as an experiment."

Apparently, This Base for Rent has learned that the time change isn’t just for fans. The Nationals players and coaches have been asked to attend their respective places of worship. 

“Lord, we need all the divine intervention we can get this year,” said one member of the organization. “A little guidance from up above would certainly do some good in 2007. Everyone is picking us to finish dead last in the NL East.”

However, churchgoers weren’t having it.  One person said the time change makes no difference.

“It could be


, we’re just not interested in Nationals baseball after church,’’ said one churchgoer in Northern Virginia who declined to disclose his name. “Although from what I read, the Nationals might need some salvation this year.”

This Base For Rent asked a Washington official does going over to Ryan Church’s house for early Sunday breakfast qualify as attending church. The answer was met with a stern look, a roll of the eyes and uncomfortable silence.

The Nationals will play eight weekday games including a July 4th contest against the Chicago Cubs at 12:05 p.m. The starting time should give fans who want to attend the game and attend the Mall enough time to find an inch of land to stand or sit to watch the fireworks. All other weekday games are

1:05 p.m.

including the Labor Day game against Florida.

Three of the day games are in April-the season opener against Florida on April 2, the series finale against Florida on April 4 and the series finale against Philadelphia on April 19.


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