New stadium, cold weather

Ryan Zimmerman made his first steps inside the new stadium Monday. So did Nook Logan and Mike O’Connor. The three Nationals were joined by several members of the media, including a few bloggers, as they scoped out the new, unfinished digs of the yet-to-be-named stadium.

The weather was ideal….for winter.  Temperatures were in the 20s and the terrain was muddy.  Hard hats were required obviously. Still, the event, part of the Nationals week-long Caravan, gave the players a chance to meet and thank the people on the front lines of building the new stadium.

There is a great link that allows people to see the updated progress of the park.  On the site, there are two cameras options (Camera 1 and Camera 2) and a time select option on the left to see time of day. On the upper left hand of the page, there is an option for the specific date to get a feel for how far the project has come.

Miss Chatter at Just a Nats Fan was able to sneak away from work to see the progress first hand Monday. Even better, she brought her camera for all the festivities. If you like pictures of steel, dirt and concrete, you’ve come to the right place.


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