Lazy Sunday Thoughts

Tuesday, the Nationals baseball equipment will leave on a truck headed for Viera, Florida. The truck is slated to arrive Wednesday at Space Coast Stadium.
It’s a little more than a week until pitchers and catchers report for the Nationals.
Less than two months until the regular season.  Can’t wait.
Who knows how long until DirecTV and MLB announce their partnership once and for all. At this point, I just want the two to make the announcement and move on with it. 

-Last week, an internet rumor suggested that Nationals starting pitcher John Patterson would miss the first 2-3 months of the seasons due to elbow issues. Patterson, the Nationals and anyone related to the organization quickly shot down the rumor.  Still, the mere sight of the words "Patterson and injury" while not surprising, could result in Nationals fans panicking worse than the passengers in "Airplane." The 2007 Nationals starting pitching staff is widely recognized as the worst in the majors. Any Patterson injury could be the breaking point for Nationals fans already frustrated by the team’s lack of movement in the offseason free agent market.
I’ll reserve any judgement on Patterson and any ailments until he goes through a couple of spring training workouts. In case of emergency, Nationals can always break the glass and sound the "Traschel" alarm!

-Austin Kearns signed his 3-year extension Thursday. Great job from the Nationals locking him into a multi-year deal.   I think Kearns will do just fine for 2007-heck he hit .274 in 31 games at RFK last year (but only .226 on the road). I think the pressure for him to produce more will come in 2008 and 2009 when the Nationals will play in their new stadium. The new stadium should be an offensive improvement from RFK-then again RFK is among the worst hitters parks in baseball. A phrase "when he’s healthy, he is one of the best" is always scary. I read that a couple times this week when Kearns signed his deal. I’ll cut him some slack and hope Kearns’ injury bug is behind him.

Time to watch the Super Bowl XLI between the Decatur Staleys and the Baltimore Colts! More on that later! Enjoy!


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