Tuesday AM Notes

One week til Nationals pitchers and catchers report!

How much stuff can I write in 30 minutes? Let’s find out.

So the Nationals aren’t a finalist in the Steve Trachsel sweepstakes? Shucks. The Nats ARE serious about going into spring training with the pitchers they have. ESPN.com reported the Nationals were one of three teams still in the running for the former Met. However, mlb.com reported Monday night that’s not the case.

And Bruce Chen? He looks to be off the market as well. Chen is close to a deal with the Texas Rangers. I didn’t know Chen was 13-10 with a 3.83 ERA in 2005 for Baltimore. Really? I knew about Chen going 0-fer in 2006 (0-7 with a 6.93 ERA). Hold on, Chen has been tearing it up in Puerto Rico with a 0.72 ERA. Let’s see if Chen can translate those numbers in the states.

Fredericksburg.com has an interesting article about Austin Kearns and his fantasy football team. Kearns drafted Peyton Manning No. 2 in the Nationals annual football draft. I don’t know what surprises me more: The Nationals have an annual fantasy football league or Kearns drafted the Indy quarterback second. He must know something because he won his league.

Monday night, the fire alarm went off in my building. I look at the Mrs and decided to head down to our fitness room (which is not attached to the building). The alarm went off for about 40 minutes, no fire (what a shock). So while the Mrs and I are on the elliptical, I came across the Carribean World Series on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (which took a break from every low-major college basketball game in a 50 mile radius). Lo and behold, there’s a Luis Matos sighting. He grounded out weakly to third in his at-bat. Good to see MASN getting ready for the baseball season.

On a blog note, there is a story in today’s Washington Post about the rise of the Nationals bloggers.

On striketwo.net, the Nationals are sixth in the team rankings with an average of 75 blogs per week.
"It’s part of the world, as it has been for the past few years, and it’s becoming part of our world," Kasten said in the Post article. "It’s one of the wonders of the Internet. You listen to [Washington Capitals owner and AOL executive] Ted Leonsis talk about it. It’s the community you create. So anyone who is a fan, a customer, who finds additional ways to engage in your product, that’s a good thing, even on those days that what they’re saying isn’t completely positive or, in some cases, accurate."

Bottom line: There’s almost two dozen Nationals blogs out there (including myself and Ed over at DC Daily). A good chunk of the bloggers are in the DC area (Ed is in NY and Farid over at Beltway Boys is in Idaho) meaning a lot of the blogs started up after the move from Montreal. The newness of the team gave fans (and bloggers alike) to get in on following a franchise in its infancy in a new city. It’s been interesting during the past couple months in which I’ve followed the team day in and day out just how often the Natosphere members blog and how detailed and well-written each blog is. And this is the off-season.

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