About nats73

I’m a 30-something professional living in
the Washington, DC area. This year has been a big year for
me. I started my own blog, my fantasy teams are doing okay
and I got married! Like most people on MLBlogs, I’m a huge
baseball fan. My first baseball memory was Game 7 of the 1979
World Series. I was an O’s fan during my baseball infancy.
However, I was tired of following the pack so I gravitated
toward the West Coast teams. My favorite player growing was
Reggie Jackson, I started following him with the Angels and
then to A’s. I became an A’s fan in 86, one of the few east
of the Appalachian Mountains. I lived through the hearbreak
of 88 and 90 and rejoiced when they won in 89 (although
nobody seemed to care). My favorite Oakland A during this
time was Carney Lansford. I followed the A’s until the strike
and it took me a while to get back into the game. I try to
watch a couple games a week through MLB Extra Innings and
surf the baseball sites during work (like I am doing now).
From March-October, my production is for naught. I wonder
why? I have a great wife, she understands how much I like
baseball. She’s been to a couple games and asked intelligent


Baseball, reading (non-fiction baseball
books especially), movies, music, spending time with my wife,
relaxing at the beach.