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Robert Fick has the reputation of being a funny guy in the clubhouse, a great quote in a pinch.  Fick should make the Nationals Opening Day roster as a utilityman (1B OF and C) and left-handed pinch hitter.

While Fick goes through the rigors of spring training, his heart is someplace else.

Sunday’s Washington Post featured a great article about Fick and his difficult offseason.

Fick’s mother, Gloria, is 75 years old and has lung cancer. She does not want to chemo or any surgery.  Gloria Fick was told a year ago she had two months to live.

The sad quote in the story is when Fick recalled leaving from Southern California to Florida

“I’m probably never going to see my mom again,” Fick told the Post. “She’s probably going to die.”

If this doesn’t make you feel for the guy, I don’t know what will.

Saturday Ramblings

Nationals tickets went on sale at 9 AM! It took me 5 minutes to get 2 games (Opening Day and April 5). Sure, I paid an additional $17 to do this at home but it’s easier than braving the cold and maybe standing in line. I’ll do walkup for the rest of the games! I’m impressed! Behold the power of the internet!

WUSATV-9 reported last night that Travis Lee and Larry Broadway are the two candidates Manny Acta is considering for the starting first baseman’s job when the season opens April 2.

I was hoping Dmitri Young would be given a shot even if he has a huge challenge ahead of him of getting in baseball shape in about 5 weeks. Young could get his shot during the season if Lee or Broadway fails to produce. But Young needs to get back into shape and really play well when he gets the chance. Lee is the strong defensive first baseman with not much pop and Broadway is the minor leaguer who hasn’t seemed to break through yet. Either option has question marks. The Nats were among the league’s worst defensive squads last year and Lee at first would be a nice stopgap until Nick Johnson comes back (whenever that is). Acta, though, has placed his confidence in Broadway, who is getting his best chance to win a starting job after being in the Nationals minor league system for five years.

So the starters heading into spring training games are as follows:

C-Brian Schneider

1B-Travis Lee/Larry Broadway

2B-Felipe Lopez

SS-Cristian Guzman

3B-Ryan Zimmerman

LF-Ryan Church

CF-Nook Logan

RF-Austin Kearns

On the bench player front, I could see it like this
Jesus Flores-C

Ronnie Belliard – backup infielder

Escobar/Chris Snelling-reserve outfielder role

Fick: He can catch, backup at first and play outfield. His versatility will keep him around especially with Flores’ inexperience and his Rule V status.
I’m not sure about the last spot. I don’t think it’s a given the loser of the Lee/Broadway battle will stay with the big club. Belliard is a solid enough player that he should stay with the Nats. I’m wouldn’t be surprised too see Womack there even though I think the Nats could do better. Ask Yankee fans about Womack, they liked a lot (obvious sarcasm). Like Fick, Womack can play a couple positions and the Nats need some versatility. This is the risk of going with a larger pitching staff in that the Nats reduce the amount of position players on the roster but considering how few off days the Nats have in April, the need for a 12-man pitching staff is paramount especially with such an inexperienced starting rotation.

The bullpen seems to be squared away with one spot open. Emiliano Fruto, who was picked up in the Vidro trade, is in the mix for the final bullpen spot. Fruto is generating buzz with his strong winter league season and his four-pitch repertoire. Still, Fruto must show that his control is better if a bullpen spot is to be his. The current bullpen lineup is as follows:

RHP-Luis Ayala

RHP-Jon Rauch

RHP-Ryan Wagner

LHP-Ray King

LHP-Micah Bowie

Closer-Chad Cordero

It’s been almost 6 weeks now and there’s still no official deal with DirecTV and MLB regarding the Extra Innings package. It’s been neat to see the widespread sports media attention this has gotten. Now, the FCC is requesting more information about the deal according to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Thanks to, who posted the story. I’ve read for a month now that they are close to a deal. Click here for the entire story courtesy of

Too Much Time on My Hands

Less than 10 hours until Nationals tickets go on sale…can you feel it? Me neither.

Apparently, the Nationals will have a new public address announcer this year.  This comes as a surprise to me because I really didn’t know they had a pa announcer for starters.  I guess I’m zone out of that stuff.

Other stuff that happened during my hiatus

-I want Dmitri Young to be the Opening Day first baseman just for the sole reason of showing up to Nationals camp wearing a Sanford and Son t-shirt. That and he’ll probably win the job by default if


Broadway hits a sour note during spring training.  Young fit the main characteristic of a National: He’s a former Cincinnati Red!

I can’t find too much fault with the signing. He meets the Nationals requirements: someone who’ll play on the cheap, who is looking to jump-start his career and is good trade bait for younger players come July 31.

-How bad has Ronnie Belliard’s offseason been? He goes from starting second baseman on a World Champion to someone fighting it out to make the Nationals roster.  Honestly, he shouldn’t be fighting at all.  Then there’s the whole extortion mess (extortion is never pretty). Lopez and Belliard might make the smallest double play combo I can recall (and that’s not much) if given the opportunity.  However, Cristian Guzman has started throwing again and I guess the Nationals are obligated to play him if he’s healthy.  Yes, I’m rooting for Belliard to make the Opening Day Roster. If Guzman tanks it, Acta has a great out in shifting Felipe Lopez back to short and playing Belliard at second. Belliard showed the leather in last year’s playoffs, especially the Game 1 of the NLDS vs the Padres.

-Chad Fought the Nats and the Chad Won

Chad Fought the Nats and the Chad Won

Congrats to the Chief for becoming the first Nationals to win at arbitration. Although, I’m perplexed by his easy come, easy go personality of the whole process. He was advised by his agent and the players association that he had a great chance to win. That won’t make him a union man now, will it?

Cordero declined a two-year deal and admitted to the Washington Post “I don’t know why I didn’t do it. I wanted to.”

That answer seems weird.   For now, Cordero stays a National and a rich one at that, Mr $4.15 million dollar man. 

The first couple weeks of spring training brings out the same old, same old storywise. First off, there are features on everybody, stories/columns about Viera and the stadium upgrades at Space Coast (which no one will care about come May). Of course with the Nationals, the stories are centered around the following talking points:

-The starting pitching and which castoff or newbie will be one of the four in the rotation

-The Plan and building for the Future

-Regular Nick Johnson injury updates

-Anything Manny Acta related. He sneezes and it’s a story

-Brian Schneider and his importance behind the plate this year especially with such a rag-tag group of starting pitchers.

-Someone is in the best shape of their life.

-The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network will not be under Communist control this year. MASN-Gill has done a decent job pulling together a respectable package for their Nationals broadcasts.

Johnny Holliday just echoes Washington DC sportscasting. He’s been around this town for decades, the man is an institution. Heck, he’s ever done dinner theatre in the DC area.

Holliday will handle the pre and post game duties for the Nationals telecasts this year joining another former Red, Ray Knight.  Geez, it seems the Nationals are 95 percent made up of former Expos, Reds or Braves. 

I like this because Knight has actual baseball broadcasting experience. Don’t know who Debbi Taylor is but she’s handling the dugout duties. Wow, the Nats are getting big-time now.  Pregame and postgame shows, Acta’s postgame conferences, and a Nationals weekly TV show.

-I like committees. There’s the prom committee, the planning committee, the

House Ways

and Means Committee, Bullpen by Committee and my personal favorite, the Committee to Reelect the President!

Manny Acta has a committee of players too. We’ll call them the A-Team.  A for Acta. I was thinking the Four Horsemen would be a good name too. Apparently, Brian Schneider, Ryan Zimmerman, Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns are going to be a part of this committee.

They are to keep the peace or something in the clubhouse, set a positive tone maybe.  Now that’s I’m thinking about it

Zimmerman would make a good Ric Flair

Brian Schneider would be a decent Arn Anderson

Felipe Lopez could be Tully Blanchard. Or Chris Benoit in the 90s version.

Austin Kearns could be the Ole Anderson/Barry Windham one of the group I suppose. Or if you want to go mid-90s, Kearns would be Steve McMichael.

Now if we go by the A-Team model

Zimmerman is Face

Schneider is Hannibal

Kearns is BA just on size alone

Lopez gets to be HM Murdock by default!

It’s good to see John Patterson’s arm and Luis Ayala’s arm haven’t fallen off so far in camp. I’ll take that as good news.

Almost a week away from an actual televised spring training game!

This Base For Rent is on the road

Hello ladies and gents from Florida! I’m not in Viera.

I’m on hiatus from regular blogging this week as I’m on vacation with my family in the Florida Keys. That statement isn’t meant to be a salt-in-the-wound remark to my fellow bloggers in the DC area and in the northeast. I hope everyone there is safe and getting by with all the inclement weather that’s come through the area.

I thought about typing this week but I just can’t. I know the Nats have a winning record when it comes to one thing-arbitration (4-0), I know half the population of Texas seems to be in Nationals spring training. Now, the Nats added Dmitri Young and Tony Batista to the minor league roster, a move I’m still thinking why.

Back Sunday night/Monday morning with some actual Nationals news/opinion/satire. Stay safe!

Weak in Review

Thanks to poster on the Nationals message board who found out single game tickets are going on sale Feb. 24. Note to self-try emailing the Nationals in the future instead of playing the automated phone game.

I called the Nationals office twice this week to get an answer. I went through their automated phone system a couple times before finally deciding to try and reach the season tickets people. I was transferred to that department but was put on hold for 10-15 minutes each time. I want to know where they really assisting other customers? I tried to leave a message and that failed too.

Feb. 24 is the date I figured they would have to be on sale, five weeks out is the minimum time between the single game onsales and the season openers. Nationals and need time to process the orders, print out the tickets and ship them to customers.

Now I have to decide if standing in line to get tix to Opening Day is something worth writing about for the blog!

Other things I found out this week

Ryan Zimmerman doesn’t have a contract. This would be news if he was going somewhere but he’s not. Zimm and the Nats will get this squared away by spring training. The Nationals hold all the cards here. I think they’ll give Zimm around $500K for 2007 and $650-700K for 2008.  In 2009, Zimmdaddy becomes arbitration eligible so I would look for a huge deal then. The Nats are keeping the payroll bare bones in 2007. In 2008, they will have the new stadium money coming in so I wouldn’t count on a bigtime Zimm deal until 2009. There’s no rush on the Nats part to give Zimm a long term contract just yet. By locking Zimm into a long-term deal now, the Nationals are leaving themselves open in case (and forgive me for saying this) Zimm doesn’t meet his long-term potential. He had a great first year, no doubt, but from a management standpoint, it’s only been one year in the bigs for Zimm.

The Mets signed Chan Ho Park to a $600K, one-year deal.  The Nationals couldn’t have gone after Park at that rate? That’s a question I would like answered. Were there any offers? Doesn’t seem like it. Then again, if you had the option to pitch for the Offensive Mets versus Stan’s Plans, you might opt for the team based in Gotham.

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network will air eight Nationals Spring Training Games. MASN also announced they will only recognize five baseball teams during spring training: the Nationals, the O’s, Astros, Braves and the Mets. See their schedule below. What’s with all the O’s-Nats spring training games? Eesh! Forcing that rivalry down our throats, eh?

Saturday, March 3, 1:05 p.m.: Orioles vs. Nationals, Viera, Fla.
Thursday, March 8, 1:05 p.m.: Astros vs. Nationals, Viera, Fla.
Friday, March 9, 1:05 p.m.: Nationals vs. Orioles, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Monday, March 12, 1:05 p.m.: Mets vs. Nationals, Viera, Fla.
Wednesday, March 21, 7:05 p.m.: Braves vs. Nationals, Viera, Fla.
Tuesday, March 27, 7:05 p.m.: Mets vs. Nationals, Viera, Fla.
Friday, March 30, 2:05 p.m.: Nationals vs. Orioles, Norfolk, Va.
Saturday, March 31, 1:05 p.m.: Orioles vs. Nationals, Washington, D.C.

Want to be one of the famous Racing Presidents? The Nationals are looking for a few good people.

Tuesday AM Notes

One week til Nationals pitchers and catchers report!

How much stuff can I write in 30 minutes? Let’s find out.

So the Nationals aren’t a finalist in the Steve Trachsel sweepstakes? Shucks. The Nats ARE serious about going into spring training with the pitchers they have. reported the Nationals were one of three teams still in the running for the former Met. However, reported Monday night that’s not the case.

And Bruce Chen? He looks to be off the market as well. Chen is close to a deal with the Texas Rangers. I didn’t know Chen was 13-10 with a 3.83 ERA in 2005 for Baltimore. Really? I knew about Chen going 0-fer in 2006 (0-7 with a 6.93 ERA). Hold on, Chen has been tearing it up in Puerto Rico with a 0.72 ERA. Let’s see if Chen can translate those numbers in the states. has an interesting article about Austin Kearns and his fantasy football team. Kearns drafted Peyton Manning No. 2 in the Nationals annual football draft. I don’t know what surprises me more: The Nationals have an annual fantasy football league or Kearns drafted the Indy quarterback second. He must know something because he won his league.

Monday night, the fire alarm went off in my building. I look at the Mrs and decided to head down to our fitness room (which is not attached to the building). The alarm went off for about 40 minutes, no fire (what a shock). So while the Mrs and I are on the elliptical, I came across the Carribean World Series on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (which took a break from every low-major college basketball game in a 50 mile radius). Lo and behold, there’s a Luis Matos sighting. He grounded out weakly to third in his at-bat. Good to see MASN getting ready for the baseball season.

On a blog note, there is a story in today’s Washington Post about the rise of the Nationals bloggers.

On, the Nationals are sixth in the team rankings with an average of 75 blogs per week.
"It’s part of the world, as it has been for the past few years, and it’s becoming part of our world," Kasten said in the Post article. "It’s one of the wonders of the Internet. You listen to [Washington Capitals owner and AOL executive] Ted Leonsis talk about it. It’s the community you create. So anyone who is a fan, a customer, who finds additional ways to engage in your product, that’s a good thing, even on those days that what they’re saying isn’t completely positive or, in some cases, accurate."

Bottom line: There’s almost two dozen Nationals blogs out there (including myself and Ed over at DC Daily). A good chunk of the bloggers are in the DC area (Ed is in NY and Farid over at Beltway Boys is in Idaho) meaning a lot of the blogs started up after the move from Montreal. The newness of the team gave fans (and bloggers alike) to get in on following a franchise in its infancy in a new city. It’s been interesting during the past couple months in which I’ve followed the team day in and day out just how often the Natosphere members blog and how detailed and well-written each blog is. And this is the off-season.

Lazy Sunday Thoughts

Tuesday, the Nationals baseball equipment will leave on a truck headed for Viera, Florida. The truck is slated to arrive Wednesday at Space Coast Stadium.
It’s a little more than a week until pitchers and catchers report for the Nationals.
Less than two months until the regular season.  Can’t wait.
Who knows how long until DirecTV and MLB announce their partnership once and for all. At this point, I just want the two to make the announcement and move on with it. 

-Last week, an internet rumor suggested that Nationals starting pitcher John Patterson would miss the first 2-3 months of the seasons due to elbow issues. Patterson, the Nationals and anyone related to the organization quickly shot down the rumor.  Still, the mere sight of the words "Patterson and injury" while not surprising, could result in Nationals fans panicking worse than the passengers in "Airplane." The 2007 Nationals starting pitching staff is widely recognized as the worst in the majors. Any Patterson injury could be the breaking point for Nationals fans already frustrated by the team’s lack of movement in the offseason free agent market.
I’ll reserve any judgement on Patterson and any ailments until he goes through a couple of spring training workouts. In case of emergency, Nationals can always break the glass and sound the "Traschel" alarm!

-Austin Kearns signed his 3-year extension Thursday. Great job from the Nationals locking him into a multi-year deal.   I think Kearns will do just fine for 2007-heck he hit .274 in 31 games at RFK last year (but only .226 on the road). I think the pressure for him to produce more will come in 2008 and 2009 when the Nationals will play in their new stadium. The new stadium should be an offensive improvement from RFK-then again RFK is among the worst hitters parks in baseball. A phrase "when he’s healthy, he is one of the best" is always scary. I read that a couple times this week when Kearns signed his deal. I’ll cut him some slack and hope Kearns’ injury bug is behind him.

Time to watch the Super Bowl XLI between the Decatur Staleys and the Baltimore Colts! More on that later! Enjoy!

Zimmerman’s field trip to Miami

Sunday, Ryan Zimmerman will be at a place where most football fans, passing or devout, dream about being.

He might not get recognized that much considering the amount of athletes and celebrities in attendance for the biggest football game of the year.

Zimmerman is expected to attend Sunday’s Super Bowl in Miami. How did he get his seats? Where are his seats? No clue. Not the foggiest idea. Nationals catcher Brian Schneider will also be in attendance at the game.

I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that this time last year Zimmerman was watching the Super Bowl in some place other than Detroit.

Then again, Zimmerman’s life has changed some between Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLI. 

When Zimmerman is in Miami, he represents a lot more than himself.  He is the face of the Nationals, the cornerstone of the team’s future if you will. Who else you do want? Stan Kasten or Jim Bowden? So far, Zimmerman has projected a calm, level-headed demeanor. It’s a trait that has served him well.

Still, Miami during Super Bowl week is a crazy place.  The mixture of nightlife, people, sunny weather and more people will be something Zimmerman hasn’t seen much during his young life. Think of it as an Upscale Spring Break with money, rich people, nice buildings, great nightlife and nice beaches but without the college smell and cheap bars.

I decided to give the 2006 NL Rookie of the Year runner-up some tips about surviving Super Bowl weekend. 

-Remember you play for the Nationals, not the Yankees. Think about this when you’re on the town. Miami isn’t cheap.  Don’t be spending A-Rod money on an R-Zimm salary. The Mrs told me martinis go for $20. This isn’t Old Ebbitt Grill or Ozio.

-When there are athletes and celebrities, there are paparazzi. Sure, they won’t R-Zimm from D-Zimm (Don Zimmer) so don’t give them a reason to know you. In other words, stay out of trouble. Remember, we Nationals bloggers are evil folks. The last thing you need is to end up on The Smoking Gun website. Keep your nose clean.

-Have fun. Heck, you deserve it. You had a great year last year. Don’t have too much though.

-Try to convince people we’re not a bad baseball town. Keep it positive and upbeat. When people say we’re going to stink, tell them “we’re going to surprise people this year” or “we’re going to open some eyes.” You know, something generic. I guess most people in Miami wouldn’t know a National from a National Bohemian. You’re our baseball ambassador this weekend. Promote us. Heck, you did a great job in the Post article about the 2007 lineup. Anyone who can say they’re happy to have Felipe Lopez AND Cristian Guzman batting ahead of you in the lineup with a straight face is pretty good. Lopez I’ll give you. Guzman I’ll wait on. 

-If Paris Hilton or some other well-known attractive starlet or celebrity comes up to you and makes small talk, run in the….screw it! If she talks to you, remember most of us married National loser fans will be living vicariously through you at that moment.

-If someone comes up, asks for an autograph and says you were great in the Royal Rumble, don’t get mad. Although, if you ran into Randy Orton, that would be freaky.

-Dude, you’re at the Super Bowl.  I’ve only known one person in my life to attend a Super Bowl. You’re at the most watched televised sporting event in the world. Great job getting tickets.  Honestly, though, I think too many people are picking the Colts. I’m bucking the trend and picking Da Bears.

This year, Zimmerman will be interviewed often since he is the face of the Nationals. He’s likely sound bite No.2 behind Manny Acta. In good and bad, someone will interview him. At times, the questions will be lame, repetitive and stupid. It’s a lot to ask of a 22-year-old, to handle pressure that should be placed on a 32 year old. Zimmerman did great last year but the expectations bar was set low. On April 2, the 2006 records will mean nothing.  Last year’s success is expected to be duplicated. I like Zimmerman has the goal in mind of a 100 RBI and not home runs or batting average. Great thinking by a No. 3 hitter.

Zimmerman represents a nice pattern in the Washington sports scene. All four major sports teams have recognizable faces as their leaders. The Wizards have Arenas, The Caps have Ovechkin and the Redskins have Chris Cooley or Clinton Portis.

I hope Zimm has a fun time in Miami. I hear the Mojitos and Cuban Sandwiches down there are great!

Austin’s New Deal

So much for Austin Kearns going to arbitration.

Kearns and the Nationals agreed to a 3-year deal Thursday afternoon. Kearns will make $3.5 mil in 2007, $5 mil in 2008 and $8 mil in 2009.  With the deal, Kearns avoids arbitration, which was scheduled for Feb. 7. Kearns’ deal has a club option for 2010 worth $10 million or a $1 mil buyout.

Kearns has patrolled right field for Washington since coming over from the Reds in an eight-player trade on July 13, 2006 trade.  Last season, he batted .264 and established career highs with 33 doubles, 24 home runs, 86 RBI and 76 walks in 150 games with Washington and Cincinnati. As a National, Kearns batted .250 with 12 doubles, eight home runs and 36 RBI.
The 150 games were the most played in Kearns’ career.  His previous high was 112 games thanks to injuries.

Kearns will likely assume the cleanup spot while Nick Johnson recovers from a broken femur. Kearns is the third Nationals starter in the last year to avoid arbitration by signing a multi-year deal joining catcher Brian Schneider and first baseman Nick Johnson.
John Patterson and Chad Cordero are the only Nationals eligible for arbitration this month. Patterson’s hearing is scheduled for Feb. 12. Cordero’s is set for Feb. 20.

Nice to see Tony Armas has a new employer.

The Nationals had wanted to sign Kearns to a multi-year deal as the Nationals brass has seen the power-hitting outfielder as a key element to Washington’s future.

Arbitration All-Stars

Happy First Day of Arbitration Hearings!

I composed a 25-man roster of players who started today arbitration-eligible and without their 2007 salary set in stone. I threw this list together on the quick so apologies for any omissions. Here’s the MLB link to an article explaining the arbitration process (including a Q and A). Honestly, this roster could contend with most MLB teams. The outfield group isn’t the strongest but the infielders and starting pitchers look quite good.

2007 Arbitration All-Stars

C:  Joe Mauer – Minnesota Twins. The 2006 AL Batting Champion (.347 average). He made $400,000 in 2006.  The Twins offered $3.3 mil,  $1.2 mil less than Mauer’s request of $4.5 mil.

1B: Justin Morneau – Minnesota Twins. The 2006 AL MVP (.321, 34 HR, 130 RBI. He made $385,000. The Twins are offering $4.4 mil. Morneau is asking for $5 mil.

2B: Freddy Sanchez – Pittsburgh Pirates. He played 23 games at second base in 2006.  The 2006 NL Batting Champion (.344 average). Pittsburgh offered $2.15 mil. Sanchez is looking for $3.1 mil.

SS:  Bill Hall, Milwaukee Brewers.  Hall is being moved to the outfield in 2007. In 2006, he provided a lot of pop at shortstop with 35 home runs and 85 RBI. Hall wants $4.125 mil. The Brewers are offering $3 mil.

3B: Miguel Cabrera – Florida Marlins.  Cabrera finished second in the NL batting race at .339 along with 26 home runs, 114 RBI and scored 112 runs. He made $472,000 in 2006. In 2007, he will break the bank. He’s looking for $7.4 million. Florida is offering $6.7 million

OF: Reed Johnson – Toronto Blue Jays. Solid leadoff guy for the Jays. He finished with a .319 batting average and scored 86 runs. Johnson is asking for $3.6 mil. The Jays are offering $2.5 mil.

OF:  Austin Kearns – Washington Nationals. In 2006, Kearns hit 24 home runs, drove in 86 runs and scored 86 runs as a Red/National. He wants $4.25 mil. The Nationals are offering $3.65 mil.

OF:  Eric Byrnes – Arizona Diamondbacks. The man with the mlblogs website named after him wants $5 mil, the Dbacks are offering $4.25 mil. Byrnes finished with 26 home runs, 25 stolen bases, 79 RBI and scored 82 runs for Arizona in 2006.

DH:  Michael Cuddyer – Minnesota Twins.  Cuddyer had a career year in 2006 with 24 home runs, 109 RBI and 102 runs scored. Cuddyer wants $4.25 mil. The Twins are offering $3 mil.


Corey Patterson-OF-Baltimore Orioles. He batted. 276 with 16 home runs and stole 45 bases for the O’s. Patterson hopes to get a $4.6 mil payday for 2007. Baltimore’s request was $4 mil.

Adam LaRoche- 1B-Pittsburgh Pirates. The new Pirate, LaRoche batted .285 with 30 home runs and 90 RBI for his former team, Atlanta in 2006. LaRoche wants $3.7 mil, the Bucs are offering $2.8 mil.

Brian Roberts – 2B- Baltimore Orioles. He scored 85 runs and stole 36 bases while batting .285 in 2006.  O’s are offering $3.8 mil. Roberts wants $4.6 mil.

Johnny Estrada – C- Milwaukee Brewers.  Batted .302 with 71 RBI last year for Arizona, Estrada is asking for $3.9 mil. The Brew Crew is offering $3 mil. 


SP: Carlos Zambrano – Chicago Cubs. In 2006, Zambrano went 16-7 with 3.41 ERA, struck out 210 but walked 115. Zambrano is hoping to hit paydirt with an arbitration-record $15.5 mil in 2007. Chicago’s offer is $11.025 million.

SP:  Aaron Harang – Cincinnati Reds. The only Red in the arbitration game this year, Harang is asking for $5.5 mil. The Reds are offering $4.25. Last year, Harang put forth is best pro year going 16-11 with a 3.76 ERA, striking out 216 and walking 56.

SP:  Erik Bedard – Baltimore Orioles. Bedard is asking for $4 mil, the O’s are offering $2.7 mil.  Bedard, a 15-game winner in 2006, finished with a 3.76 ERA and 171 strikeouts.

SP:  Brett Myers – Philadelphia Phillies. Myers went 12-7 with a 3.91 ERA, 189 K’s and 63 BB. He’s looking to make $5.9 mil for 2007. The Phils are offering $5 mil.

SP:  Claudio Vargas – Milwaukee Brewers. Vargas went 12-10 with a 4.83 ERA in 2006. The Brewers are offering $2.15 mil, $700,000 less than Vargas’ request ($2.85 mil).

SP:  John Patterson Washington Nationals. Patterson didn’t pitch much for the 2006 Nationals with elbow and forearm injuries. He went 1-2 with 4.43 ERA in 40 2/3 innings of work. Patterson is hoping that his 2005 season (9-7, 3.13 ERA, 185 Ks) will be enough to get him a bump in pay to $1.85 mil. The Nationals are countering with $850,000.

RP:  Todd Wellemeyer – Kansas City Royals. Hey, you need long reliever. Wellemeyer is one. In 2006, He appeared in 46 games going 1-4 with a 4.14 ERA in 78 innings. Wellemeyer wants $740,000 this year. The Royals are offering $565,000.

RP:  Kevin Gregg – Florida Marlins. A middle reliever, Gregg struck out 71 in 78 1/3 innings for Anaheim last year.  He went 3-4 with a 4.14 ERA and appeared in 32 games. He wants $700,000. The Marlins want to give him $575,000

RP  Oscar Villareal – Atlanta Braves.  He went 9-1 with a 3.61 ERA in 55 innings of work for Atlanta. Villareal is asking for $1.3 mil, the Braves are offering $860,000. Solid middle reliever.

RP: Geoff Geary – Philadelphia Phillies. Another nice year from a middle reliever. Geary went 7-1 with a .2.96 ERA last year for the Phils. He wants $925,000. The Phils are offering $750,000.

RP: Juan Rincon – Minnesota Twins. The primary set up man for closer Joe Nathan, Rincon went 3-1 with a 2.91 ERA striking out 65 in 75 games last year for the Twins. He’s asking for $2.4 mil. Minnesota is offering $1.6 mil.

CL: Chad Cordero – Washington Nationals. The Chief. The man of flat-brimmed cap fame. Cordero is asking for $4.15 mil, the Nats are offering $3.65 mil. Last year, the Nationals closer saved 29 games finishing with a 7-4 mark and appeared in 68 games.