Slow Nats Day

Not much baseball news today.  On the football tip, New Orleans seems to be the sentimental Super Bowl pick. No argument here. Great win last night for the team and the city. Still don’t understand why Andy Reid had the Eagles punting on 4th down with less than 2 minutes to go in the game.   In much closer to home news, a day of mourning in Baltimore for the Ravens. Not else too add.

Two new Nationals pitchers and their money stuff

Brandon Claussen will receive a $650,000 salary if he makes the team according to the Washington Times. Jerome Williams will make $500,000 if he makes the big club. Surprising that was it’s a no-incentive deal. I would throw in stuff like-$100,000 if he wins ten games and $50,000 for 150 IP.

To assume Williams is going to be a part of this rotation was a little premature.  He’ll be one at least 10 pitchers competing for four spots. O’Connor isn’t a given to start the season on the opening day roster as he still recovers from off-season elbow surgery. Shawn Hill, Beltran Perez and Joel Hanrahan have been projected as possible members of the starting rotation.  Another reason to stay tuned during spring training.
Federal Baseball’s battle-royale line is very appropriate for this scenario.

With the two signings, reports that the team is “out of the running” for pitchers Steve Traschel, Ramon Ortiz, Tony Armas, Jr, Tomo Ohka and Jorge Sosa.

More Money-Realted stuff (not Eddie)

Six Nationals have filed for salary arbitration hoping to get some extra dollars.  Closer Chad Cordero heads the list.  It should be noted, though, the team’s starting second baseman (Felipe Lopez), starting right fielder (Austin Kearns) and the only locked-in member of the starting rotation (John Patterson) are also on the list.  Outfielders Chris Snelling and Alex Escobar also are on the arbitration list.
Wednesday is the day when the six players and the Nationals exchange salary figures which hopefully can be revealed for further blog discussion. From there, negotiations go on until the date of the arbitration hearing, which is scheduled between Feb 1-20.  After the hearing, the panel of three chooses one of the two offers.


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  1. Brady

    I’m going to a series against the Nationals in May…the 25,26, and 27…should be a good series…who knows what either team (Cards or Nats) will look like by then, but best of luck to your team this coming season.
    Good blog, too.


    In the Cards

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